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The First Encounter, The First Date

the first date

One of the most common pieces of advice women and even men give to people looking to become better in the dating scene is “JUST BE YOURSELF”.

Some people see this advice as wrong because “just be yourself” requires no work, and without work one cannot get anything in life. These people that feel trying to improve oneself is the way to go in the dating scene. Let me give you my insight on this topic.

First of all, depending on who says “just be yourself” changes the meaning. For example, if a novice says “just be yourself” he means to do nothing and just let fate take its course. On the other hand, if an experienced guru on dating says “just be yourself” then it has a totally different meaning. Being yourself, your true self that nature intended you to be, requires a lot of work. It requires that you first remove all the doubt and fear you have of women, for when you have fear and doubt then you are not being yourself. It means removing all guilt you have: guilt of hurting other people, guilt of doing something wrong.

Hence, “just be yourself” means to remove all bad emotions you carry inside of you so that you see your true self, and when that happens, you become more attractive to women.

20 Golden Dating Rules
Need a prep up before your big date? Here are my quick list of 20 rules you should keep in mind. But don’t knock yourself silly for not remembering all of them. It should come naturally…
1) Be confident.
2) Teach yourself to smile!
3) Good eye contact.
4) Say her name a lot during conversation.
5) Say hello.
6) Don’t be afraid to position yourself near her.
7) Don’t let conversation go on too long; you want her to want more.
8) Be polite, but not needy.
9) Give sincere compliments.
10) Anytime you make eye contact, keep looking at her: Make her break it first!!
11) Always try to look good, even wearing a baseball cap!
12) Don’t become a girlfriend with women you are interested in!
13) Don’t be her therapist for her problems.
14) Model yourself after Clark Gable – attitude, confidence, charisma, looking suave.
15) Any mistakes you made in the past, learn from them, and don’t let them happen again!!
16) Make the women feel special.
17) When you see that you are in a position to close the deal, close don’t procrastinate!
18) When talking on the phone, don’t stay on for more then 10-15 minutes, seem like you’re busy, even if you are not.
19) It’s ok to sometimes play hard to get, but don’t overdo it.
20) Always believe in yourself, no matter the situation.

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