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“How a Nervous, Timid, Mumbling Geek (Who Throws Up At The Mere Thought of Talking to Women) Used TEXT Messages to Seduce and
Bed  the Girl of His Dreams!”

Now, YOU Can Get His Word-For-Word Text Script, Plus My Sneaky Tactics & “Power Rules” For TEXT Seduction… And Turn Your Phone Into Your Most Lethal Seduction Weapon… So You Too Can Easily Seduce & Bed Hot, Sexy Women!

From: DatingMagic
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Dear friend,

YES it absolutely does work . . . you can seduce and bed women using text messages quicker and easier than talking to them face to face (once you know the “secret formula” and the word-for-word sample transcripts!)

Here’s how an extremely shy, trembling geek made it work for him…and got the woman of his dreams into bed –  just a few days after meeting her

Aside from using some very slick persuasion and seduction tricks (to get her dripping wet, and ready to attack him,) Joe discovered that he was able to…

… go a lot further with women using text messages (or emails) than he could with a live, real-time conversation – and do it all a lot quicker!

… have the time to think…about what to say, and how to phrase it just right to get just the psychological responses and results (something you can’t do during an actual conversation)…and…

… say a lot more, and get the point across, before getting interrupted, distracted or even ignored.

… and of course, there’s all the slick persuasion and seduction tricks he was able to layer into his messages, to get her juiced and ready for action

Here’s what happened to Joe… (not his real name, obviously)…

Joe is a very unique guy…he has bought every single seduction product that I have ever published. But, he never really used any of it! He felt he was too shy and would never be able to make any of it work in real life.

Yet, like many guys in the dating/seduction niche, he kept buying products and kept studying and learning everything he could get his hands on.

Finally, he called me up one day and spilled his guts, telling me how nothing would ever work for him because he was too shy…that he didn’t even have the confidence to talk freely to a small group consisting of his own friends and relatives!

After chatting for a bit, I asked if he was able to talk to women on the phone.

He admitted he was better on the phone but still not good enough to get them interested in wanting to meet him in person, let alone sleep with him.

Of course, my next question was… “Well, heck…how about TEXT’ing then?Can you do that?”

Yes, of course,” he replied. “I’m comfortable with texting and I use it a lot.

Okay, why not use the advice and tips from my reports and communicate to them via text message?

Joe admitted he didn’t think this was even a possibility since text’ing seems so impersonal, but said that he would give it a shot.

Several weeks later, he called me back, very excited, and said…

Bryan! It worked but this girl never wants to see me again!


Very confused, I asked Joe to elaborate.

The good news was that Joe was able to use nothing but TEXT messages to go from “first contact” …and all the way into the bedroom!

(With Joe’s permission, I will share the entire blow-by-blow “conversation” that he used to end up in the bedroom of his dream girl.)

He had finally broken his dry spell of 6+ months (which was when his ex-girlfriend broke up with him.)

But…he said that this new girl did not want to ever see him again because, apparently, Joe wasn’t very good in bed. (I know…poor guy…but I just couldn’t help laugh at that one. And then I told Joe, half-jokingly, to “get my bedroom-secrets reports, for cryin out loud!“) ….”

Okay… in the interest of full disclosure, let me state that Joe didn’t just use Text messages to bed this new girl. He used a combination of text messages and emails.

Regardless, most of the heavy-lifting was done via text messages.

And, believe it or not, he never even spoke to this girl on the phone – ever – until the night he was driving to her place and had to call her for help because he couldn’t find her house. (I shouldn’t even be telling you this part because it makes Joe’s story less believable. But I am telling you because this is actually how it happened.)

I kid you not, this is absolutely true. (He found the girl on Craigslist and used nothing but email and text messages to turn her on so much that she had to invite him to her house, ready to sleep with him.)

Now…I’m not suggesting that you should be like Joe and use Text and email exclusively (he had no choice in the matter!) but, apparently, you can do so successfully – if you choose to.

Joe is proof of that. In fact, if he can do it, anyone else should be able to do it even better! 

ecover-sml And, in this unique package, I’m going to share Joe’s entire strategy from start to finish. Plus, I will add in my own tips and tricks to help you get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time possible.

(As shy and as inexperienced as Joe is, he was able to go from “first contact” to the bedroom in less than a week.)

By the way, Joe isn’t the only one who has used this method successfully. Many other guys have since used this “text seduction” strategy to seduce and bed women they’ve been attracted to.

It has been tried, tested, and tweaked to work very well – for anyone willing to use it.

And, now, you can have all of our hard work…all the tips and tricks…without having to waste time or energy on making any of the mistakes…

‘ll Even Take All The Risk So YOU Don’t Have To!

Here’s the deal…

You either love these reports… or you don’t pay a penny for it!

ecover-joe-sml I’ll take all the risk. Get your copy of this hot report right now and go through it. Try out all the techniques and ideas with real women. And…

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this book doesn’t meet your exact needs, simply let me know within the next 60 days and you’ll get a complete refund of your purchase price. There will be no questions asked, and no hassles.

You see, I believe that giving you the chance to personally experience what this astonishing report offers is simply the best way to “prove to you” what you may be missing out on. I have yet to meet the man who can resist having the power to seduce women with his mind.

I honestly believe you’re going to love this book. So, please… don’t pass up this ridiculously generous offer… you may never get an opportunity to have this report in your hands again at this low price.

You can be reading all the secrets right now… within minutes! Just use the button/link below to order your copy, safely and completely risk free

 Text Seduction Secrets
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Get this little-known “text seduction” package now, and give your dating life an amazing boost!


Andrew – DatingMagic

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