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Super Approach Power

Super Approach PowerClick Image To Visit SiteHello… Let me just get right to the point without all the typical sales pitch stuff… Because basically, this is either for you or it’s not… I’ll make this short… Super Approach Power is totally different than other courses on this subject because it has a different set of rules (and they all make sense)…

Before we discuss the 3 phases, let’s discuss who it’s for… Super Approach Power is not for:

Phase #1: The first phase begins the moment you first spot an attractive woman and ends when you are seconds away from saying something to her…

Phase #2: [The shortest of the 3 phases] It begins the moment you start talking to her (i.e. saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ or one of the 24 types of openers mentioned in SAP)

Phase #3: The third phase is the ‘on going conversation’. It begins immediately after she responds to your opening comments and ends with the last words. Basically, it’s the ongoing conversation that takes after the initial “greeting”.

Step 1 – You must understand the 3 phases. Step 2 – Of the 3 phases, you must know which one YOU need to work at the most. (You should be able to figure this out right now.) Step 3 – [Making Rapid Changes] For that particular phase, you must know the 3 things that you *MUST* do to improve at that phase. If the 3 Steps (from above) makes sense to you, then you know that there are several types of guys..

Great at the first phase – He has the right mind set and preparation whenever he spots an attractive woman (at the grocery store, at the gas station, at a party, etc.)

Great at the third phase – He knows how to make himself appear irresistibly magnetic once he gets the conversation going… Read more…

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