Secrets of an Expert Pickup Artist

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“Create An Instantaneous Attraction & Sexual Chemistry In Any Woman That You Meet…

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Dear Friend,

Now you can have the secrets that every man wants… the secrets that can allow him to walk up to any woman and create instant attraction and chemistry… within just minutes of meeting her!

You can finally have the step-by-step strategy laid out for you – including what to say (and what not to say) at each step of the process.

With this kind of knowledge at your fingertips, you can be ready to strike up conversations with any woman, at any time…with complete confidence because you’ll know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it!

And, I’m not just talking about a friendly chat either…

Sure, it may start out that way. But, it will soon turn into something that draws her to you, turns her on, and creates an irresistible attraction inside her…for YOU. All, within a matter of minutes!

Yes, it’s that powerful. And yes, it’s really that easy…when you know how. Especially when you have all the steps – and language – presented to you beforehand.

You see… something very interesting happened to a friend of mine recently…

A few weeks ago, my friend (who does “okay” with women) called me up, excited, and said, “Hey! You’ve got to check this new TV show out, about picking up women! It’s really cool!”

Now… I’m not into reality shows at all. But, since he was so excited, I had to check the show out.

And, much to my surprise, the show was about a guy who I already knew about! I also knew that what he was teaching DID in fact work.

But…while the show did reveal some really great stuff that any one could use to have better success with women, it did not work for my friend.

He tried out some of the techniques from the show and only got lukewarm results. Better than what he used to get…but still nothing to brag about.

The reason was simple… the TV show didn’t reveal everything. It didn’t give people all the pieces to make it work.

How could it…

After all, it’s a “reality” show. And, reality shows are usually designed to entertain the audience…not necessarily educate them. It’s not a “how to” course.

So, in order to help my friend out (upon his request,) we sat down one day, and I revealed the (important) missing pieces to him, while he took vigorous notes! (Yes, there are a lot of secrets that guys won’t know even if they watched the tv show several times.)

In other words, I took some of the “broad” concepts my friend picked up from the show, and I filled in the blanks for him, using what I know, and have used very successfully.

I revealed to him (in detail) why it works, what’s missing, and exactly what to say to women, word-for-word, to be extremely successful at getting dates anywhere you run into women.

I then took everything that I shared with my friend, and turned it into a special “dirty secrets” report called…

Dirty Secrets of the Pickup Artist

cover-DM_SecretOfAnExpertPickupArtistSML In this powerful report, I reveal a proven, working system – step-by-step – in detail, about what to say to a woman to make her attracted to you within minutes of talking to her.

But that’s not all. I then take you through all the other steps, in the proper sequence, so your adventure ends up in the bedroom (or any other place the two of you can find some privacy.)

YES…in this report, I give you “canned” stuff. That means, you get the word-for-word examples of exactly what you should say to a woman, from the first moment you meet her… easily get her to WANT to spend more time with you, go out with you, talk to you more, and become very attracted to (and turned on by) you… all the way to the bedroom.

And, since you’re getting the word-for-word language, you don’t have to worry about being creative, and you don’t have to worry about “not knowing what to say next.”

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll learn from this powerful report:

  • A unique “approach” and “opener” strategy that can instantly improve your success with women. (Learn this and you’ll be light years ahead of most guys!)
  • How to get women interested and engaged from the very first sentence you say, and keep it going all the way till the end.
  • Never worry about what to say to a woman ever again! With the sample language you get, and the preparation steps you’ll learn, you’ll know what to say at every step of the pickup process.
  • How to create that spark and chemistry within just minutes of meeting her.
  • How one simple technique can turn you into a powerful seducer, overnight!
  • Steal those powerful aspects that make “jerks” and “bad boys” so attractive to women. And learn to use it effectively, for yourself, without being a jerk!
  • How to get her to prove to YOU that she’s worth your time!
  • How to speed your way through the “dating process” so that multiple dates will not be necessary anymore.
  • How to test her to find out when it’s time to move things to the next step.
  • The most important step (and process) you should take care of before a woman will consider sleeping with you. (This is a make-or-break step that most guys always mess up.)
  • What to do, and say, when her last-minute resistance and defenses pop up. (This little secret will save you a LOT of time.)
  • And more…!
  • That’s just the beginning of what you’ll discover in this report. There’s lots more cool, powerful stuff in it!

I also reveal exactly what type of guys women are attracted to.

And, I show you how you can be that guy, in her eyes, so she will be instantly drawn to you, from the very first meeting.

I’m sure you’ve heard of (or seen) some guys that make it all seem so easy. Think of the James Bond character, or the “Bad Boy” types, or yes, even the “pickup artists.”

I show you exactly how they do what they do, so you can do the same, and get the same kind of results with women.

But that’s not all. I also want to give you a…

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Dirty Secrets of the Pickup Artist

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Andrew –

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