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Your Russian Bride-The Shocking Truth

Your Russian Bride-The Shocking TruthClick Image To Visit SiteI am writing you to thank you for the two books you have published. One night I was thinking about my Russian bride and my previous experience, so I was searching the internet. To my delight I found nothing about her and stumbled onto your books. I first bought your second book and read it the same night. I then signed up for your newsletter. I then purchased your first book and read it the same night.

Mind you this all took place in one night. WOW!!! what an education!!!! I will state this, any western male looking to court a eastern female, this should be MANDATORY reading! It will give you valuable insight into a thought process that is different from ours. I must THANK YOU again for very educational books of which I do not think I would be where I am in my relationship with Tanya” /Dave, IL USA

Are you in a long distance relationship with a Russian woman from the former Soviet Union and seriously think about marrying her? If so, you absolutely must read this e-book. I call my book “The Shocking Truth” You will find a lot of amazing truths about your future Russian wife, but also you will find a lot of revealing information about yourself and will be able to see your role in a successful foreign-Russian marriage.

It is very easy for foreign men to become frustrated while they are looking for a Russian woman through the Internet:
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