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Books - Jordan Gray ConsultingJordan Gray ConsultingClick Image To Visit SiteIn this book you will discover . . . * Without question, the three BEST ways to get into a relationship as an introvert . . . * Whether you should date an introvert or extrovert (see which one is best for YOU) . . . * How to live a quiet life and still attract the lover of your dreams . . .

Whether it’s the first date, fifth date, or 500th date you’re looking for, this book has you covered.

In this book you will learn… – 50 powerful, cost-effective dates to impress your partner with – What women are ACTUALLY looking for on a date (Hint: It’s not what you think) – How to completely eliminate the awkwardness of payment on any dates. – Much much more..

Want a new job? Social skills are the answer. Want a raise? Social skills are the answer. Want to date more or get married? You guessed it… social skills is still the answer.

Our social skills are rapidly on the DECLINE right now. With every year that passes there are millions of people that are born into a world where they are raised with e-mail, text messaging, and smart phones… as opposed to connection, intimacy, and a strong sense of community. We have breadth of connections with no depth. Read more…

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